June 15, 2024

All Hands On Deck - 15 people will pitch their single friend to an audience

What the Event Is: This will be a night of fun, laughter, and ridiculousness as 15 people take the stage to pitch their single friend to an audience of (mostly) single people.

How We Found Our Pitches: In the beginning of May we asked our audience to tell us about their single friend, with the opportunity to pitch their single friend LIVE infront of 150+ people. Over 200 people told us about their amazing friend, and we picked the 15 best submissions.

What to Expect: 15 people will share a 4-6 minute slide deck (hence the 'deck' part of our event title) to a live audeince. After the presentations, the entire crowd will mix and mingle over drinks, games, and maybe even a little live matchmaking.

How The Audience Will Be Invovled: If you see a single who is pitched on stage that you want to date (or if you think you have the perfect friend for them) you can virtually raise your hand and submit yourself (or your friend) to go on a date with them.

You can do this with as many of the singles you like. Their bestie that pitched them, will review all of the interested folks and find the best date for their friend.

More details on how to 'virtually raise your hand' will be revealed at the event.

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