Feb 17, 2024

Black Owned Businesses to Support for Black History Month (and all year long)

Many of us try to think of ways to make a difference with our purchases, whether that be by shopping small businesses in our area or reducing our carbon footprint. We couldn’t let Black History Month end without bringing to light some ways to support our favorite Black-owned businesses in L.A.

Find a New Read at Reparations Club Bookshop


LOCATION: West Adams

SUMMARY: This is more than an old, dusty bookstore. Whether they are hosting a happy hour or a sensuality workshop, this small business is exactly where you want to go if you are looking for a fresh new take on book shopping. Brought to fruition by Jazzi McGilbert, this store and space is black woman owned. and In addition, this brick-and-mortar bookstore also gives you the option to make purchases online.

Grab Dinner at Stevie’s Creole Cafe



SUMMARY: Also known as Stevie’s on Pico, this is a necessary stop for celebrities from André 3000 to Cardi B. Rightfully so! Best known for their gumbo, you can enjoy anything from peach cobbler pancakes to crawfish mac and cheese. Dine in and just maybe you’ll get a chance to meet the owner, Stephen Perry, himself.

Practice Yoga at the Black Being Studio


LOCATION: Inglewood

SUMMARY: Originated to address and support black wellness needs, this studio is black, queer, and woman-owned. This is your one stop shop for both mental and physical health. Founder Alli Simon provides a space that holds yoga and meditation classes, as well as a place to build a strong and supportive network in classes such as Mama’s Sanctuary. Attending practices at the studio is affordable, making it that much easier to support those supporting the community.

Grab Coffee at Bloom & Plume Coffee



SUMMARY: A coffee shop rooted in community is one we can get behind. This carefully created spot is black and family owned, co-owner being Maurice Harris. The bright and boisterous storefront is bound to give you the energy you’re looking for, although the coffee works just as well. Stop in for a quick pick-me-up and grab some merch while you’re in-shop.

Get Your Sweat on at Thrive Health Lab


LOCATION: Crenshaw

SUMMARY: Founded by La CIecia’ Vicknair, this gym is black woman-owned. It’s still early in the year which means it isn’t too late to work on your forgotten New Year’s resolutions. A Nike athlete, Coach La La wants you to work on not only your physical wellness with training, but your holistic health with practices like mindfulness. Check out their website to sign up for classes!

Stop for a Bite at the Vegan A.F. Food Truck


LOCATION: L.A./Varying Locations

SUMMARY: Chanel Goodson is not only the owner of Vegan A.F., but also starred on Gordon Ramsay’s cooking show, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. Vegan A.F. provides Angelenos with vegan and plant-based options tasty enough to make you ask “Is this meat?!” Another black woman-owned business, don’t hesitate to visit their truck where they park it next.

Grab Drinks at High TIde



SUMMARY: With the sun setting later, it will soon be patio season. High Tide’s patio provides a vibrant, tropical atmosphere; you are likely to find a plastic flamingo or five. This black owned business fosters a sense of charisma and energy that differs from the dimly lit speakeasies of L.A. Visit co-owners Brandon Bustillos and Flynn Helper for one of their many fun upcoming events.

Sweet Treats at Big Man Bakes



SUMMARY: William “Chip” Brown is a big man that loves little treats. Nothing beats that afternoon sweet tooth like a cupcake. Sweet, soft, and just the right size, Chip lives to provide the community with a dessert they can’t find somewhere else. From carrot red velvet cake to churro, these magnificent flavors have been around for years. Big Man Bakes is a black owned business that you can get behind and support, not just for Black History Month, but every month. 

Oldvine Florals Does the Arranging


LOCATION: Financial District

SUMMARY: This black woman-owned business is perfect for special occasions or simply sprucing up your kitchen table. Not only do they provide the flowers or the fragrance for your special occasion, but they will also provide the event planning for you. Itika Oldwine-Grimble and her partner were featured on prominent podcast, Earn Your Leisure in June of 2023. Whether you are looking for your signature scent or a quick arrangement, your new favorite florist is calling. 

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