Feb 7, 2024

Cozy Coffee Shops to Visit on a Rainy Day in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city known for its bustling streets and star-studded sidewalks, also houses some of the coziest cafes you can find. From botanical havens to hidden gems and literary escapes, we've rounded up LA's coziest coffee shops.

The Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop - Hollywood

Nestled within the Hudson Theatres lobby, the Hudson Theatre Coffee Shop offers a charming atmosphere with mellow, jazzy tunes playing in the background. Serving as both a beloved Hollywood fixture during the day and the theatre lobby at night, it provides a full range of coffee, pastries, meals, and even a few ice cream options. With friendly staff, original artwork, and custom-designed furniture, the shop exudes a warm, Zen-like ambiance. It's an excellent choice for visitors seeking a unique experience in Hollywood, complete with WiFi and various plant-based milk options to enjoy alongside the music and cozy setting.


Cafe Integral - Downtown Los Angeles

Cafe Integral is a charming espresso bar nestled within The Freehand Los Angeles hotel, offering a cozy atmosphere and plenty of comfortable seating conveniently connected to the lobby. Despite its somewhat pricey drinks, the cafe boasts high-quality beverages that are worth the indulgence. It's an ideal spot to spend a rainy day, sipping on your favorite brew while typing away on your laptop crafting your next pilot (or Instagram caption). 


Deus Ex Machina - Venice

Deus may be easy to miss along Lincoln Boulevard, with its garage-like appearance instead of a traditional coffee shop. But this unique vibe fits perfectly with its offerings—you can buy a custom motorcycle, a leather jacket, and enjoy a latte all at once. The café opens its large doors daily at 7 am, welcoming visitors to its cozy atmosphere, though seating is limited. Arriving early is advised to secure a spot! With its stylish decor, excellent coffee, and background music conducive to conversation, Deus offers a truly enjoyable experience.


Bloom & Plume Coffee - Filipinotown

Nestled near Historic Filipinotown, Bloom & Plume Coffee stands out as both a floral haven and a hub for fostering community connections over a great cup of coffee. With its vibrant purple walls and captivating floral displays, this space transcends the ordinary coffee experience. This cozy ambiance, coupled with the aromatic scent of fresh blooms, makes it the perfect refuge on a chilly day in Los Angeles, enveloping visitors in warmth and comfort.


Boulton D'amour Coffee - Century City & Beverly Hills

Immerse yourself in a French-inspired getaway at Boulon d'Amour Coffee. The stylish pink decor, complete with a vibrant all-pink VW Bug and a floral telephone booth, provides an ideal setting for relishing a croissant and espresso while capturing picture-perfect moments for your social media feed. With its airy, lofted ceilings and expansive warehouse-style windows, Boulon invites you to reconnect with old friends or lose yourself in a captivating book. While the coffee may draw you in, it's the exceptional vibe that will keep you coming back for more.


Laidrey - Tarzana & Encino

Laidrey, the pioneering female startup roastery cafe in the San Fernando Valley, delights guests with top-tier specialty coffee sourced globally. Featuring a comprehensive espresso bar, pour-over coffee, and refreshing nitro and cold brew lattes on tap, it promises an unparalleled coffee experience. Settle into cozy seating by the windows, offering a serene ambiance perfect for contemplating your next big break.


Harvey Easton Cafe - Beverly Grove

Harvey's, nestled in a snug corner and owned by Easton Gym upstairs, has been serving its patrons since 1938. Unlike its companion, Easton Gym, Harvey's doesn't boast a historical legacy, but it exudes a charming "old-school" vibe with its exposed brick walls, vintage sofa chairs, and adorned with sports memorabilia. With ample outlets and a serene ambiance, foot traffic is never overwhelming. 


Stories Books & Cafe - Echo Park

Stories is Echo Park’s much-loved local bookstore, but what most people don’t realize is that behind all the books is a tiny café (and a good one, at that). Step inside to find solace from the bustling streets; the maze of books absorbs outside clamor, creating a serene atmosphere. Patrons, engrossed in their work or perusing scripts, populate the tables, lending to a peaceful ambiance. Here, you can leisurely enjoy the delectable pastry offerings for hours undisturbed.


LAMILL Coffee - Silver Lake

LAMILL Coffee in Silver Lake caters to connoisseurs of the finer things, delivering a lavish coffee affair. Its refined ambiance, adorned with opulent décor, pairs seamlessly with its gourmet coffee and divine pastries, crafting an elevated yet inviting setting. Plush seating, accompanied by amenities like WiFi, plentiful outlets, and expansive windows, contribute to a snug and welcoming environment.


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