Jan 10, 2024

Exploring the Fitness Scene in LA on a Budget

A key step to building out your workout routine for 2024 is deciding which activity you genuinely enjoy! LA offers tons of options which are great, but can get  a bit overwhelming and pricey.. 

Good news is we have taken the liberty of exploring this avid fitness scene in LA and have narrowed down the most rewarding and cost effective workout classes for 2024 in this guide.

Let’s get into it:


Club Pilates

Location: 18+ studios throughout LA

Price:  First Class Free,  Membership Varies by Studio


Club Pilates is the perfect place to start your reformer Pilates journey whether you’re looking for restoration or to strengthen and build your body. The studio offers a free first time intro class to get you started and familiar with the machine and basic moves. For Pilates regulars that are looking for a challenge, I recommend trying their heart pumping cardio sculpt or H.I.I.T based classes. With a studio in almost every part of LA, this studio is as accessible and flexible as they come. 

Equipment: Grip Socks


The Body Process

Body Process

Location: Culver City, CA

Price: Unlimited 1 week $50, Class Packs Vary (rates here)


The Body Process brings a holistic approach to reformer pilates, incorporating wellness and mindfulness into movement. This boutique studio  is unique in its chill relaxed boho vibe to balance those pilates shakes. Weekly Community Classes taught by student teachers are offered on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm and Sundays at 11:00 am for only $5 a class. Best deal I’ve found for a Pilates class!

Equipment:  Grip Socks


Hot Yoga

Free Classes - CorePower Yoga On Demand


Location: 20+ locations in LA 

Price: Free Unlimited 1 Week, Unlimited Monthly Membership $160-199, Class Packs Vary (rates here)


For any newcomers to hot yoga, please take advantage of Corepower’s free first week of unlimited classes! This is a perfect opportunity to experiment which class is best for you, varying in temperature and intensity. My personal favorite is their sculpt series; hands down best yoga sculpt experience offered in LA!

Equipment: Yoga mat and towel, available to rent


YogaSix West Seattle


Location: Culver City, Studio City, Pasadena

Price: First 20 days free, Unlimited Monthly $169, Class Packs Vary (rates here)


YogaSix is offering a 20 day unlimited class membership for the low cost of $30. The studio not only offers six different types of classes, but incorporates a mind-body experience that leaves you feeling energized and empowered. Another great opportunity to explore your inner yogi on a budget!

Equipment:  Yoga mat and towel, available to rent



CycleBar : PSA Architects


Location: Culver City, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Sherman Oaks, Burbank & more

Price: First Class Free, Unlimited Monthly $199, Class Packs Vary (rates here)


CycleBar is hands down one of the most energizing and enjoyable cycling classes. They regularly have themed sessions from Nicki vs Cardi B to an  EDM themed class featuring Fred again.. remixes. Cycling is definitely one of the more challenging classes testing your stamina and limits, but CycleBar makes it all the more bearable. Try a free first class!

Equipment: Sweat towel, cycling shoes free to rent. 


Mixed Activity Workouts

Image 2


Location: Santa Monica

Price: Varying Class Deals


CAMP is the place to go if you are looking for an all in one studio and a social fitness community. The studio offers four main programs from Circuit (H.I.I.T Training), Yoga, Sculpt, and Stations. Each workout delivers an exhilarating experience, keeping the workouts new and exciting. 

Equipment: Varies on activity


Classpass redesign — easy to search and book! | by Lynn Chin | Medium


Price: Free First Month worth 43 credits , Credit Packages


Top Recommendation: Try ClassPass. 

ClassPass offers a free first month with 43 credits you can use towards hundreds of fitness studios, gyms, and wellness services (including most studios mentioned above). Using ClassPass will allow you to experiment with tons of studios, without the commitment of a long term membership. If you are someone who likes to switch it up and stay stimulated,  this is the most flexible option. 


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