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Feb 24, 2024

List of Los Angeles Bookstores You'll Want To Hangout In (Part One)

Welcome to the literary haven of Los Angeles, where book lovers can explore a diverse and thriving scene of enchanting bookstores. From your iconic trendy establishments to your cozy hidden book store gems, we have identified the best well rounded spots, each with its unique charm and plethora of stories to be discovered. 

Village Well Books

Location: Culver City

First up on our list is Village Wells Books, located in downtown Culver. Not only does this bright and vibrant book-lovers paradise get you excited to shuffle through the ample selection, but you can also do it while enjoying a drink or pastry from their handy cafe inside. Special events such as book clubs, open mic nights, and even live music are a common occurence you can expect at this hotspot. My favorite part is the well-crafted sections by niche topics throughout the store. 


Specials: Cafe, Events

Book Soup

Location: West Hollywood

Book Soup is another classic neighborhood favorite located right on the Sunset Strip. This spot is known for its captivating collection of books, limited autographed editions, and trendy new reads. It even features specialty vinyl records and unique gift items. Serving the LA area for about 50 years, it has also become a frequented celebrity spot! They also host regular events featuring book signings and discussions with film and writing critics.


Specials: Events, Limited Editions, Records

The Last Bookstore

Location: Downtown LA

Step into the enchanting world of the Last Bookstore, a true paradise for book enthusiasts. This expansive spot houses an extensive collection of books, but also boasts a dynamic array of art, records, comics, and multiple gift stores. It is known as one of the biggest and trendiest new and used book stores in California. Not only is there an infinite collection of books and graphics, but the space has remarkable design with creative displays and use of book sculptures throughout the store. Events include special book discussions and signings, art galleries, and genre specific book clubs monthly. 


Specials: Art Studios, Records, Comic Books, Book Tunnel, Gift Stores, Coffee Shop

Skylight Books

Location: Los Feliz

Skylight Books, which yes, does have a beautiful skylight, is an enchanting book store nestled on a lively street in Los Feliz. The store is filled with the best and latest literary selection. There are also reading groups that are affiliated with the stores that you can join, or lead one yourself! A few doors down from the main store is an additional art annex that focuses on design, art, film, and entertainment novels. Skylight also serves as a regular book tour stop, a perfect chance to catch your favorite author. 


Specials: Reading Groups, Arts Annex, Book Tours

Arcana: Book on the Arts

Location: Culver City

Arcana is a one-of-a-kind book experience. Featuring only pieces related to the arts, you can expect a pristine collection of books on photography, architecture, fashion, cinema, music, and even the culinary arts. Its high black shelves and spacious aisles creates a modern sanctuary, perfect to sit and browse the pages. The eclectic collection is bound to feature a special artist or piece that you are looking for. Arcana also hosts regular book signing events with notable editors and artists. 


Specials: Arts Focus, Rare Books, Out of Print Books, Book Signings

Vroman’s Bookstore

Location: Pasadena

A historical and treasured gem is Vroman’s Bookstore, the oldest and largest independent bookstore in Southern California. This wonderful place not only has a large collection of profound books, but a wholesome experience awaiting inside. This bookstore boasts a cafe, wine bar, home goods, apparel, and a stationary and gifts center. There is a quaint and cozy vibe to this place that’ll make you never want to leave. Tons of community events and workshops are hosted here regularly. 


Specials: Apparel, Home Goods, Gifts, Cafe, Wine Bar, Events, Workshops

Zibby’s Bookshop

Location: Santa Monica

Zibby’s Books is a delightful bookstore located on Montana Ave that is known for its unique way of categorizing books. The creators have curated a new method that involves sorting books by the emotion it invokes. Instead of deciding between romance or thriller, you can decide if you want to feel “in love” or “anxious” . The space is also set up like a living room to create that warm inviting feeling that makes you feel right at home with the books. Check out the community book clubs and specialized writing workshops that Zibby’s offers as well!


Specials: Curation, Writing and Publication Classes

Hennessy and Ingalls

Location: Arts District

Here at Hennessy and Ingalls, you can find the largest collection of books on the visual arts in California. Focused on architecture and the arts, the store specializes in a variety of photography, fashion, and design literature. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching coffee table piece, or a book to guide your next craft, you’re bound to find the perfect match here. This is an amazing and abundant place to grab a gift for family and friends. Surrounded by tons of restaurants and stores in the midst of the Arts district, this treasured book trove is a must stop by on your day out!


Specials: Visual Arts & Design, Rare Books, Out of Print Books, Gifts

Counterpoint Records and Books

Location: Hollywood

Counterpoint Records and Books is a charming bookstore in the Franklin Village area of Hollywood known for its wide selection of second-hand books on literature, poetry, film, and philosophy, plus amazing vinyls! Its extensive record collection is known for its selection of jazz, rock, and soul pieces. A special section of the store features fine books, first editions, and collectibles. If you’re looking to liquidate your book collection, the store also buys back books in cash or store credit.


Specials: Buys Back Books, Records, Events

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