Jan 31, 2024

Places to Dress Cute, Walk Around & (Probably) Meet Singles

Dating in LA can be rough. In a world of swiping, some of us fantasize about one day bumping into that special someone. You’re dressed in your best outfit, minding your business, when your hands graze each others, the stack of books is dropped, the stars align. Life may not be a movie, but we’ve vetted the best places to have your rom-com-meet-cute moments in LA.

The Record Parlour

Location: Hollywood

Profile: Looking for someone to listen to records with on a Sunday afternoon? You just may find what you’re looking for. This Hollywood hidden gem has a great selection and holds ‘Free Record’ days so you are likely to find a good deal and a date while perusing the rows of records. You may be looking to catch an intimate show and have a night-cap with that new special someone; lead them right around the corner to the Americana, The Record Parlour’s sister establishment.

Silverlake Flea Market

Location: Echo Park

Profile: Yes we know, the Silverlake Flea Market is actually located in Echo Park. Lucky for you, you can scout out a significant other from both areas all weekend, as this market is open Friday through Sunday. Enjoy a snack and shop in your most fashionable fit, you never know who could be looking. You may just find that special someone with impeccable style and the perfect  eye for interior statement pieces.


Location: Santa Monica

Profile: Who doesn’t dream of telling the story of how they met their significant other in the produce aisle? This high end market is bound to be filled with hot, eligible, post-workout singles on a Sunday afternoon. And chances are, if they are buying an $18 smoothie, they probably have a successful work life. You just might be the must-have item on their shopping list!

Runyon Canyon

Location: Hollywood

Profile: We all know that this hike brings people from near and far. Maybe you’re looking to do long-distance, the drive from Hollywood to the east side isn’t always a quick one. Not only does this crowd enjoy a little exercise, they want to be trendy while they do it. Keep your eye out for the sporty single that needs someone to take their picture for them, you may just end up with a new Instagram follower.

Lost Books

Location: Glendale

Profile: If you’re looking for an intellectual plant papi/mami they are likely inside of the enchanting Lost Books. Don’t forget to complete your shy and studious look with your favorite glasses, these will be perfect as you scope out other hopeless romantics in the self-help section. This intimate and earthy bookstore could be the location of the perfect meet-cute.

Silverlake Reservoir

Location: Silverlake

Profile: Whether your plan is to gaze at the crowd from the sidelines or take a casual stroll, chances are you will run into plenty of potential daters. This dog-friendly locale gives you the perfect opportunity to chat up other singles and their furry friends. Take advantage of the SoCal weather and find a laid-back companion to enjoy the afternoon with. 

Citizen Public Market

Location: Culver City

Profile: This dog-friendly market is ideal for activity based people that like a little variety. The array of different cuisines and bars means you have the opportunity to run into an eclectic crowd of people. Maybe you like a know-it-all that kills it at trivia. Or perhaps someone with a sense of humor is more your speed (enjoy comedy nights on Wednesdays). And we all know there is nothing more attractive than someone with a bit of confidence, they just might be performing at the Public Market’s open mic night on Thursdays. This venue gives you options, and who doesn’t love that?

Hollywood Reservoir

Location: Hollywood

Profile: Joggers, walkers, bikers and more! If you are looking for the active type, this is a great place to spend your time. This three and a half mile loop gives you ample time to work on your physique and meet someone interested in the same. Enjoy the waterfront views and get a picture with the Hollywood sign, this is the perfect excuse to start a cute conversation with the runner you’ve been trailing.

WorkWELL Pop-Up (shameless plug, but also - very true)

Location: Echo Park or Glassell Park

Profile: If you’re hoping to meet a single professional with a flexible work schedule, going to a coffee shop where people are coworking is a good place to start. But as we all know, coffee shops can be loud, busy, and it's really hard to find seating next to someone you think is cute. The alternative is WorkWELL - exclusive coworking spaces for remote workers in LA. Full disclosure, we host these events so yes - this is a shameless plug. BUT - we’re telling the truth! It’s a great spot to show up, lock eyes with someone, and plan an impromptu lunch date (we witnessed a few of these already).

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