Mar 21, 2024

The Best Pizza Spots in Los Angeles

Danny Boy’s Pizza

Downtown Los Angeles

Inspired by the pizza of his childhood growing up in New York City, Danny Boy’s Famous Original is the answer to the enduring question: “where can I get a great New York style slice here in LA?”. As a classically trained chef, Danny approaches pizza with reverence, treating pizza as one of America’s most important dishes (not a fast food item). Try one of his famous slices today and you’ll see why this place is on the list. 

Website: https://www.dannyboysfamousoriginalpizza.com/

Quarter Sheets Pizza

Echo Park

What started as a pandemic pop-up is now a successful brick-and-mortar pizza-and-cake restaurant in Echo Park. Aaron Lindell and Hannah Ziskin are a match made in pizza-cake heaven, he makes Detroit-style pizzas while Ziskin zeroes in on some of the best desserts in town, which are layered slab cakes, princess cakes, and thick slices of mud pie.

Website: https://www.quartersheetspizza.com/

Pizzeria Bianco

Downtown Los Angeles

Pizzeria Bianco dishes out whole pies and daytime slices alike. Located in the Row DTLA, the restaurant is an adaptive reuse of a former coffee roaster and cafe. While much of the space remains intact, a wood-burning oven now inhabits the room where the roasting machine was formerly housed; a large window offers diners a view of pizzas being made. 

Website: https://www.pizzeriabianco.com/los-angeles


Culver City

Roberta’s wood-fired, slightly chewy, beautifully charred pizzas include classics that made the OG Brooklyn spot famous and are available in Culver City or Studio City. Try the bee sting with pepperoni and hot honey or the famous original with tomato, mozzarella, parmesan, caciocavallo, oregano, and chile. Always-rotating, super-fresh vegetable dishes, well-mixed cocktails, and puffed-up pizza dough masquerading as bread and served with creamy cultured butter make this more than the average pizza joint.

Website: https://www.robertaspizza.com/culver-city

Little Dynamite

Culver City

Kyle Lambert is a deep-dish Detroit-style pizza specialist. These square slices are plush, made with naturally fermented dough that features an ever-so-slight tangy flavor. Lambert and partner Courtney Glowacz operate from a small takeout-only Culver City slot with a rock-and-roll vibe that resembles the camaraderie part of the Bear’s first season. The $30-35 square pies are laden with cheese and personality and suit any mood. Slices are available during the day from noon to 3 p.m., with pies only from noon until 9 p.m., Wednesday to Sunday.

Website: https://www.littledynamitepizza.com/

Ozzy’s Apizza


Ozzy's Apizza specializes in crafting authentic New Haven–style apizza, renowned for its thin-crust and coal-fired cooking method originating in 1920s Connecticut. Their pizzas are described as hot, crispy, soft, and delicious. Patrons have the option of takeout, delivery, or dining in at the scenic outdoor courtyard located at the Glen Arden Club in Glendale. With ample space for gatherings of family, friends, and even pets, guests can enjoy their meal alongside a full bar experience. 

Website: https://ozzysapizza.com/

Secret Pizza

Montecito Heights

This pick-up-only spot nestled in Montecito Heights is managed by a New Jersey native, and their East Coast-inspired pizza is truly worth the journey—even from downtown. Secret Pizza LA is a testament to the culinary creativity that emerged during the 2020 lockdown, starting off in a compact apartment kitchen. By 2022, the chef expanded the pizza pop-up to Pearl River Deli and various other locations across Los Angeles, eventually establishing a permanent home.

Website: https://secretpizzala.com/

Little Coyote

Long Beach

Little Coyote in Long Beach feels like a true throwback, the kind of casual pizza place that suburban kids begged their moms to stop at after picking up a VHS from Blockbuster. The pizza itself comes closest to New York-style, with massive slices, crispy thin crust, and classic toppings that range from pepperoni to sausage and mushrooms. Of them all, the white pizza—with spinach, ricotta, and mozzarella—is our favorite on the menu.

Website: https://www.littlecoyotelbc.com/

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