The Most Dog-Friendly Venues in Los Angeles

Whether you're in search of a place that pampers your furry friend with a fashionable bandana or a sweet treat, we've got just what you need. Take a look at these 9 locations where you can enjoy some quality time with your loyal four-legged companion.

Etta in Culver City

This Italian-ish Chicago transplant’s not just a cause de celebre for human guests, but (well-trained) four-legged patrons as well, thanks to a large patio and a team of servers more than happy to put down a water bowl and Etta branded doggie bandanas at brunch and dinner.

The Morrison in Atwater Village

Dine with your canine at this well-loved Atwater Village establishment where dogs have their own menu. The entrées currently available—ground beef, shredded chicken, and hot dogs—all come with a heaping side of rice and are served on a silver platter with a bowl of water and a side of treats on the quaint patio. Doggie dinners are priced at $6 across the board.

Muddy Paw Cafe in Eagle Rock

Muddy Paw Coffee in Eagle Rock, is the first cafe in Los Angeles to also feature a dog park where unleashed puppies run about while people lounge in wooden sun chairs, chatting and sipping coffee. The shop provides dog owners and community members with a place to relax, work and bond over pets.

Angel City Brewing in the Arts District

Angel City is known and loved for its craft beers, a rotating schedule of visiting food trucks, games for humans and frisbees and water bowls for pups. This Arts District destination is sure to please beer lovers, foodies and pet parents alike. Angel City also has a BYOD—bring your own dog food—policy, if you want to make a day of it.

Tallula's in Santa Monica

Tallula’s was always one of LA’s more dog-friendly spaces (maybe even friendlier than most, with the addition of its new-ish Sunday dog brunch and a full-time dog menu offered seven days a week, it’s reached a new tier. Dogs can feast on watermelon bites, chicken tacos, and the “wolf’s feast,” a bowl of raw grass-fed hanger steak with steamed vegetables.

Sugar Palm Ocean Ave in Santa Monica

This restaurant is as pet-friendly as it comes, and recently launched an actual pet menu on Saturdays and Sundays from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. That includes a puppy scramble with eggs, spinach, and shredded chicken, or the Snoop Doggy Dog with CBD oil, almond milk, peanut butter, and banana.

Golden Road Brewing in Glendale

This popular brewery is made for dogs and humans alike, with furry friends able to enjoy their very own “doggy deck.” The relatively spacious outdoor area comes complete with comfy doggie beds and water bowls. Biscuits are available and made from the grain used to brew Golden Road's beer, just in case your pooch needs a little sustenance.

Blue Dog Beer Tavern in Sherman Oaks

From floor to ceiling and wall to wall, the bar is covered with framed pictures of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Dogs are allowed on the sizable, shady patio and have plenty of ice water at their disposal. Pet parents are also welcome to order a plain burger patty for their furry friends.

Dog PPL in Santa Monica

DOG PPL is a private dog park that creates a safe space for dogs (and owners) to enjoy themselves. The dogs are all vetted in terms of vet records and temperament tests. And while there is a membership fee, you can still check out the park for free during a trial (we've done this and had a fabulous day). They have coffee, wifi, alcohol, and a food truck. Definitely worth checking out.

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