Aug 22, 2023

Top Rated Bars for Singles in Los Angeles (part 1)

These bars are set up with cozy booths, great vibes, and an inexplicable atmosphere of sexiness that gives closing time a definite double meaning.

The Let's Go! Disco & Cocktail Club in the Arts District

the let's go! disco & cocktail club

This colorful cocktail bar has all the ‘70s glamor and retro debauchery you could ever need. The space is adorned with circular booths, neon lighting, stucco arches, and of course, spinning disco balls. Dancing gets going after 9pm when the DJs start, so if you’re looking for a more low-key listening atmosphere head to this venue before 9.

The GasLite in Santa Monica

the gaslte

Amidst a sea of dime-a-dozen bro bars, The Gaslite stands as one of the only remaining spots in Santa Monica where people truly don’t give a sh*t. This space is best known as a local dive bar with karaoke. And dancing. Endless amounts of dancing. Cheap drinks + dancing = a great night on the Westside.

Blind Barber in Highland Park

the blind barber

Blind Barber is a funky speakeasy-style bar that has an actual barbershop! But at night, this rustic and moody space turns into a super fun singles bar. You can find this singles bar in Highland Park surrounded by other bars (aka the perfect start or stop to a bar hopping night).

Club Tee Gee in Atwater Village

club tee gee

Club Tee Gee is just a few blocks from the Los Angeles River near the Glendale train stop. They have a moody but friendly vibe with low lighting and comfy tables. They host live performances on the weekends, making it a wonderful spot to meet new people and have some fun.

Madame Siam in Hollywood

madam siam

From the secret entrance, to the jaw-dropping design, to the live music, Madame Siam strikes every one of the notes that has made the Houston brothers the kings of LA nightlife. The dim, red lights cast a naturally sexy glow across the whole bar, and the magic performances and burlesque shows don’t hurt the mood either. Plus, the free (!) carnival games in the back are an unstoppable ice breaker.

The Waterfront in Venice

the waterfront

The Bungalow might be the Westside’s most (in)famous singles’ bar, but this boardwalk day-drinking destination has quickly become the grungier, slightly cooler alternative for single L.A. professionals. On weekend afternoons, the sun-dappled indoor-outdoor space fills with people who want to party and just maybe meet someone they like.

Honey's at Star Love in East Hollywood

honey's at starlove

Honey's is a clubby queer bar at Star Love where there’s something happening on any given night: karaoke Wednesdays, upbeat house DJ sets, comedy nights, even queer night markets.  While this place is lesbian-focused, it’s very inclusive of everyone and they’ve got $10 well drinks Wednesday through Saturday from 6-8pm.

Hi Tops in West Hollywood

hi tops in west hollywood

We respect any bar that pulls off a punny name, and Hi Tops has that going for it. The high-school-themed space is big and open, which is ideal for people to stand around and look at each other until somebody makes the first move. Tuesday night trivia is very popular, and some people here are actually watching sports unironically.

The Friend in Silver Lake

the friend

If you’ve ever been to The Friend on a weeknight, you’ve walked into the bright pink building and had to fight your way through a horde of makeouts just to get to the bar; a nice window into what your night has in store, right? Grab yourself (and hopefully your new friend) some of The Friend’s $10 boilermakers, and let the DJs do the rest.

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