Dec 14, 2023

Where to Dine Solo in Los Angeles

Enjoying a solo meal is a wonderful, uncomplicated pleasure in life.  Usually the best solo dining seats are at a restaurant’s bar, with the bonus that these seats frequently provide a great vantage point to the rest of the dining room or into a busy kitchen, all while sipping and eating from some of a city’s best restaurants, no reservation required. 

This list contains a few of the many great places to dine solo in Los Angeles right now. And if you’re up for it, you might also run into someone else dining solo, making a nice meet-cute moment.

Cento Pasta Bar

Location: West Adams

Website: https://www.cento.group/

You've got a choice between two cozy spots—outdoor seating or the bar—when you book your reservation. If you're flying solo, we suggest snagging a seat inside. There, a sleek marble bar surrounds you, offering front-row views of the pasta-making spectacle. The servers will treat you like an old friend, and odds are, your visit might turn into a longer affair than you first intended.

Ceviche Project

Location: Silver Lake

Website: https://www.cevicheproject.com/

Nestled on Hyperion in Silver Lake, this compact seafood gem is perfect for solo diners. The cozy space comes alive as the chef works his magic right before your eyes at the bar. The dishes at this walk-in-only ceviche bar are so delightful that sharing might not be the best plan—so why not savor all the flavors solo?

KazuBori DTLA

Location: Downtown LA

Website: https://www.handrollbar.com/locations/dtla/

When it comes to solo dining, sushi is a reliable go-to. Yet, few spots embrace the solo experience quite like KazuNori, Sugarfish's handroll-focused spinoff. Just stroll in, take a seat at the bar, and choose from one of their three handroll sets on the concise menu. The minimalistic Downtown location only has bar seating, making it the perfect place to enjoy a solo meal without a second glance. So, settle in, order a handroll set, and scroll through Instagram in blissful solitude.

Petit Trois

Location: Hollywood

Website: https://www.petittrois.com/loriginal

Petit Trois embodies the essence of a cozy French bistro with a unique charm. The focal point? A welcoming counter where guests can dine intimately. No tables in sight—just a laid-back setting that invites you to savor the simplicity of a delightful meal. This petite Parisian-inspired cafe is so snug it's almost a challenge to navigate. If you're not keen on a two-hour wait to dine with friends, the smart move is to embrace solo dining and snag a seat at the bar with other solo diners.

Antico Nuoco

Location: Koreatown

Website: https://www.anticonuovo-la.com/

With its cozy lighting, wooden accents, and the presence of towering olive trees, Antico Nuovo creates an ideal atmosphere for a solo date. Nestled in Koreatown, this Italian gem is casual enough for you to unwind at the bar and finally dive into that book from the book club you may have momentarily overlooked. Indulge in a menu featuring simple yet extraordinary housemade pastas and delightful Italian wines, prompting you to savor life's small pleasures.


Location: Santa Monica

Website: https://uovo.la/locations/location-santa-monica/

At Uovo, the service is quick and efficient, offering a hassle-free experience where you can casually drop in for a reliably delicious pasta paired with a glass of wine that won't break the bank. The charm lies in their counter/pasta bar seating, creating an ideal setting for a solo dining experience. Picture yourself enjoying a meal while chefs skillfully immerse fettucine into hot water, giving you the perfect backdrop to contemplate that tempting second glass of wine.

Wife and the Somm

Location: Glassell Park

Website: https://www.wifeandthesomm.com/

Nestled in Glassell Park, the cozy wine bar, Wife and the Somm, always has an open seat at the bar for solo guests. Despite the initial impression of an upscale setting with an impressive wine selection, a couple of visits reveal a more familiar atmosphere where patrons and staff become fast friends. It's the kind of place where a quick stop for a chenin blanc can easily transform into a two-hour stay, filled with lively conversations with the owners.


Location: Beverly Grove

Website: https://www.terroni.com/locations/terroni-beverly

Escape the chaos of Grove shopping by claiming a bar seat at Terroni in Beverly Grove. Enjoy a cocktail and indulge in fresh, housemade pasta, all while engaging in lively conversations with the chatty bartenders. This local Italian joint is consistently buzzing seven days a week, yet the atmosphere maintains a spirited charm without ever becoming overwhelming.

Sushi Note

Location: Sherman Oaks

Website: https://www.sushinotela.com/

Indulging in a solo dining experience is elevated with a sushi omakase, and Sushi Note takes it to the next level by offering wine pairings to complement the experience. More than just a sushi spot, Sushi Note doubles as a cozy neighborhood wine bar where you can unwind for the entire evening. Between savoring each bite of exquisite fish and engaging with the sommelier to explore the world of wines, there's ample enjoyment to occupy the time of any solo diner.

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