Jul 29, 2023

Where to Experience European Vacation Vibes in Los Angeles

Explore these restaurants, hotels, cafes, and places around Los Angeles county that give you European Vacation Vibes without the long haul to LAX.

Cara Restaurant - Los Feliz

Cara, which debuted in June 2020, swiftly secured its place as one of LA's trendiest establishments. Its dine-in patio bears a striking resemblance to the renowned Le Patio at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, and the exquisite decor that adorns the entire venue is sure to ignite your sense of European wanderlust.

Perfect For: Dinner and Date Night

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St. Vincent Court - Downtown Los Angeles

St. Vincent Court is a faux European lane smack dab in downtown Los Angeles. Now home to mostly Middle Eastern restaurants, this quaint little alleyway still looks like it belongs in Rome or Florence rather than downtown Los Angeles.

Perfect For: Lunch

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Getty Villa - Pacific Palisades

The Getty Villa is a landmark museum that specializes in the study of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria. Get lost in majestic gardens, and marvel at the ancient Greek and Roman art while breathing in the ocean breeze from the Pacific Ocean, which it's just minutes away.

Perfect For: Impressing out-of-towners

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El Cid on Sunset - Silverlake

Originally opened in 1962, El Cid has long been Los Angeles' premiere destination for traditional flamenco dancing and authentic Spanish tapas. Unpretentious and atmospheric, the iconic restaurant and bar offers guests a new experience.

Perfect For: Dinner and a show

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Bicyclette - Beverlywood

This cozy, subterranean focuses on French home-style cooking. Dishes like caramelized onion tarte tatin, crusty baguettes topped with sardines, and beef short ribs served with golden potato mousseline that are so tender, you can slice through them with a butter knife.

Perfect For: Dinner and Date Night

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Capri Club - Eagle Rock

Capri Club is a trendy aperitivo bar in Northeast Los Angeles, excuding retro Italian charm and a genuine dolce vita atmosphere. Packed with stylish patrons enjoying aperol spritzes, frozen negronis, and Italian bar bites, this indoor-outdoor watering hole has become one of the most fun places to hangout in Los Angeles.

Perfect For: Drinks

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Repbublique - Miracle Mile

At the forefront, you'll find a laid-back bakery, cafe, and bar, while the rear houses a sophisticated dining area offering a French-inspired menu. Embracing a remarkable French Medieval theme, this restaurant creates an ambiance that transports you to the enchanting atmosphere of a castle interior.

Perfect For: Dinner and Date Night

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Long Beach Naples Island - Long Beach

Skip Venice Beach and head straight down to Naples Island in Long Beach. It's less touristy, the water is much cleaner, you can kayak along the canals, and the Gondola Getaway is the closest you'll get to Venice, Italy.

Perfect For: Sunny Days

Burlington Arcade - Pasadena

Burlington Arcade is a near-perfect replica of the iconic shopping center bearing the same name in London. Despite its tranquil ambiance, this sleepy shopping arcade holds a unique charm. Take a leisurely stroll through its passageways and make sure to visit the delightful establishments it houses.

Perfect For: Shopping and grabbing a quick bite

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