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Jun 27, 2024

Where to Go When It’s Time To Meet Up Outside of the Group Chat

Union - Long Beach

Located in the bustling heart of Long Beach, Union extends a warm welcome to friends both local and visiting. Its patio combines the serene ambiance of a sculpture garden with the vibrant beats of weekly DJ sets, making it a standout among outdoor dining spots in Long Beach. It's the perfect setting to relax with friends over snacks and drinks in the courtyard, ideal before exploring the art installations and enjoying a nightcap at the bar inside the adjacent gallery.

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Bike Shed Moto Co. - Arts District

Bike Shed Moto Co. is a vibrant hub for motorcycle enthusiasts (and people who love motorcycle enthusiasts), featuring a diverse menu that spans breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner with a fresh blend of American and European flavors. It boasts a full bar offering great coffee, craft beers, and cocktails, catering to every palate. This expansive 300-seat establishment provides various dining settings, including indoor and outdoor cafe tables, casual lounge sofas, leather-clad dining booths, and a private dining room with a club-like atmosphere. Basically, whatever your group is craving, this place can provide.

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All Season Brewing - Mid-Wilshire

All Seasons serves as the ideal gathering spot for friends residing on opposite sides of town. Situated within a converted car service station in Mid-Wilshire, it offers a blend of indoor and outdoor seating. In the back, you'll find a row of skeeball machines, and there's convenient access to Chica’s Taco window for those craving a bite. While beer is the drink of choice for many, there's also a selection of well-crafted cocktails and $5 well shots for those seeking a livelier atmosphere.

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Santa Monica Brew Works - Santa Monica

Santa Monica Brew Works buzzes with lively crowds enjoying draft beers and indulging in pizza. The expansive outdoor area features picnic tables, charming string lights, and plenty of adorable local dogs adding to the ambiance. This means you can meet up with your friends, and their dogs. In the kitchen, Emmy Squared from Brooklyn takes charge, offering their signature sheet pan pizzas that strike a balance between thick-cut Detroit-style and a deliciously gooey New York grandma pie. It's the perfect spot to relax with friends over great food and drinks in a vibrant setting.

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Rooftop by JG - Beverly Hills

Perched on the 12th floor of the Waldorf Astoria, this opulent rooftop patio offers a panoramic experience befitting its luxurious neighborhood. Adorned with emerald green chairs draped in satin, the setting is as plush as it is inviting. Sip on strong and delicious cocktails—the slightly spicy ginger margarita comes highly recommended—and enjoy sweeping views of the city that evoke the sensation of soaring above the California coastline. If you’re looking for a place to go with your friends in a cute outfit, this is the place to  be (plus it’s summer and everyone loves a rooftop).

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Endless Color - Malibu

Endless Color in Topanga Canyon blends the vibes of a natural wine shop, a retro vinyl store, and a pizza parlor into a unique and eclectic space.This space has wiggly light fixtures, blob-shaped tables, and oversized disco balls hanging over a cactus-lined patio. It’s perfect. Meet up with your friends here to unwind after a day at the beach or host a laid-back dinner. The menu features a focus on Neapolitan pies, cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, and a curated selection of natural wines.

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The Coco Club - Santa Monica

The Coco Club is a hidden gem among Santa Monica hotel bars, boasting an unparalleled view that feels like a secret postcard. Perched atop The Beacon, its rooftop offers panoramic vistas of the California coastline from a wraparound terrace where you can enjoy a tequila sunrise while watching the sun set. On Fridays, DJ-led dance parties transform the atmosphere into a lively scene. Early evenings are relaxed, giving way to a club-like ambiance as night falls and weekends approach. Expect a vibrant crowd mingling amidst cheetah sculptures and green velvet booths, creating a perfect setting for both dancing and serendipitous meetings.

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The Highlight Room - Hollywood

For spontaneous sunset cocktails, few places rival this cocktail spot at The Dream Hollywood. The music sets a lively vibe without overwhelming conversation, the atmosphere is relaxed, and they always keep a few tables open for walk-ins, making it accessible. If you're looking for an alternative to Mama Shelter, The Highlight Room offers the best drinks with a view in the area. Just be prepared: after 9pm, the atmosphere shifts dramatically to a lively, bustling scene (could be good or bad depending on the vibe you’re looking for).

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