Feb 25, 2024

Where to Grab a Drink in a Cozy Bar on a Cold Day in LA (Part Two)

Explore these LA bars where the cold weather outside contrasts perfectly with the warmth inside.Because on a cold day, the coziest bars aren’t just about the drinks – they’re about creating memories and finding solace in good company (and maybe a fireplace).

Good Housekeeping - Highland Park

Good Housekeeping is a charming local bar in Highland Park. Its cozy Pueblo-style outdoor area and warm, brick-wall interirors creae an inviting atmosphere. With a concise yet impressive drink menu featureing classic craft cocktails, it's the perfect spot for casual drinks and relaxation after a long day.

The Grant - Glassell Park

Tucked away in Glassell Park, The Grant is a chic yet laid-back local bar. With its sleek art deco interior and craft cocktails featuring unique ingredients, it exudes sophistication akin to The Roosevelt. However, instead of bustling crowds, you'll find a relaxed atmosphere perfect for intimate gatherings, first-date nightcaps, and casual catch-ups among neighbors and young parents. Its cozy seating makes it an ideal spot for gloomy days, and the occasional visit from a neighborhood cat adds to its homey charm.

The Raymond 1886 - Pasadena

The Raymond 1886 in Pasadena offers elevated comfort food and classic cocktails in an intimate setting with indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Bar 1886, located within The Raymond, provides a cozy atmosphere with rustic decor and a rotating cocktail menu, along with an extensive selection of off-menu cocktails. Guests can enjoy dishes like al pastor prawns and mushroom gnocchi from the bar menu while sipping on expertly crafted drinks.

Firefly - Studio City

Firefly may not be a hidden gem, but its expansive back patio exudes the charm of a secluded European resort nestled in Studio City. This intimate outdoor space contributes to Firefly's reputation as one of L.A.'s most romantic restaurants. Indoors, the ambiance is cozy, with mood lighting, walls adorned with books, and plush couch seating, creating an ideal setting for enjoying drinks like an old-fashioned with friends. Alongside the patio are intimate cabanas, a towering ivy-covered wall, and a striking see-through fireplace at its center.

The Prince - Koreatown

With blood-red leather booths and dim mood lighting, this historic Tudor Revival restaurant is a divey, time-traveling fever dream. Once known as the Windsor, the Prince’s interior dates back to the 1940s and you can’t beat the low-key ambience at the Prince, which manages to toe the line between luxurious and comfortable all at the same time. 

The Old Place - Santa Monica Mountains

Experience the authentic charm of The Old Place, originally a late 1800s general store and post office, now a rustic saloon-style restaurant. With a history as a blue-collar clubhouse in the 1970s, it offers genuine ambiance and high-quality food. Adjacent, Cornell Winery & Tasting Room offers Malibu-grown wines in a charming barn setting. Indulge in Wild West fantasies with meats roasted over an open flame and a wide selection of whiskey. Daily specials like venison or wild boar and modern dishes like grilled cheese with blue-cheese aioli provide a unique dining experience.

Idle Hour - North Hollywood

This bar stands as the Valley's pinnacle spot. Revitalized from three decades of neglect, this 90-year-old icon now shines as the blockbuster it was destined to be. Offering superb craft beer, a stellar array of old-school cocktails, and boasting one of the city's most beloved patios - complete with a giant bulldog - it exudes coziness. Its laid-back atmosphere draws a crowd that's simply unmatched on the other side of the hills. Plus, where else can you sip drinks inside a giant two-story wooden barrel, adding an extra layer of cozy charm to your experience?

Amour - West Hollywood

Amour, the upscale French restaurant in West Hollywood, has revived the beloved dining space of the former Dominick’s. Its spacious back patio features charming checkered flooring, ivy-covered walls, and a cozy living room area with a fireplace. The full menu offers delights like pumpkin soup and lobster tagliatelle, while an illuminated wine rack adds a touch of luxury. The fireplace provides warmth on colder nights, making it an inviting spot to dine.

The Boardners in Hollywood

Nestled on a quiet Hollywood side street since 1927, this dim, moody bar is a favorite spot for post-show drinks. The allure lies in its affordable drinks, unexpectedly delicious food menu, and the reliably entertaining crowd. Its cozy ambiance invites patrons to unwind and enjoy a relaxed evening in good company.

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